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Only in America Articles from 2009
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Only in America    October 20, 2009  
Roman holiday

Pint-sized Polish root-rat Roman Polanski is banged-up in a secret Swiss location … Pillsbury Flom’s advice to the justice dodger is forget about the extradition appeal … Go straight to jail in California … Retribution for brazen libel foray ... more

Only in America    September 29, 2009  
State of Excitement

Pillsbury Flom visits Perth and is entranced by the Lloyd Rayney case … The State of WA is in an exquisitely delicate position … Meanwhile, an important new development in the case against Anna Nicole Smith’s “professional” advisors

... more
Only in America    September 1, 2009  
Only in America

Jay Bybee … Is he a hopeless judge or do his colleagues just hate him? ... Dominick Dunne RIP … If only court reporters here could have such daring … Pillsbury Flom reports from the land of the free press ... more

Only in America    July 29, 2009  
Trying to catch-up with Catcher

Swedish twerp tries to plunder J.D. Salinger’s legacy by ripping-off Catcher in the Rye ... Pillsbury Flom is far from impressed by the effrontery … 60 Years Later Coming Through the Rye is injuncted … Appeal pending ... more

Only in America    June 12, 2009  
Woody's big fat right to privacy

American Apparel ripped off the image of Woody Allen … Strange marketing idea … The CEO of the company thinks that he and Woody are victims of unfortunate sexual innuendos … If only his lawyers had read Nixon v Slater & Gordon ... Pillsbury Flom reports Stateside ... more

Only in America    May 5, 2009  
Flom goes to Perth

The no holds barred language of the SCOTUS judges might just catch-on with the High Court of Oz … Meanwhile, in Perth the Lloyd Rayney affair catches the attention of Pillsbury Flom ... more

Only in America    April 16, 2009  
Bestiality and the law

Animals vulnerable to abuse throughout the union – Alaska acts … A woman’s right to urinate in public … Penis pump judge fighting for his pension … Pillsbury Flom reports ... more

Only in America    March 22, 2009  
Judges seeking solace

Running amok on the bench. The frightening case of Elizabeth Halverson … More of Dickie Scruggs’ wreckage … Not a DeLaughing matter … Pillsbury Flom reports ... more