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Around The Firms Articles from 2009
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Around The Firms    October 16, 2009  
Life at Clutz

The NSW ADT has decided there is nothing sexual, as such, in the words “trench” and “trench coat” ... But it doesn’t stop there … Clutz required to defend claims of disability discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation … Trouble at SCUM ... more

Around The Firms    August 26, 2009  
Fire away!

Latest musing about what’s happening in law firm land ... more

Around The Firms    August 26, 2009  
Open a vein

Allowing thoughts to fester is bad for bodily and mental health … Here’s an opportunity to get healthy ... more

Around The Firms    August 5, 2009  
Perth law grad shambles

Law firm graduate recruitment in Perth descends into a mad grab as big firms dump Law Society protocol … Offers being made more than a month before agreed date … This email from Blake Dawson says it all ... more

Around The Firms    February 16, 2009  
Phillips Fox still in the frame as New Cap case grinds on and on

The investors in a disastrous reinsurance notes issue continue to blame Phillips Fox for their heavy losses. Duncan Saville’s companies go to the High Court for a final fling. Unhappily, Phillips Fox’s indemnity cover was with HIH ... more