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Around The Firms Articles from 2008
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Around The Firms    December 9, 2008  
Sick of it

The pips are squeaking and the pickings are slimmer. Various of the biggest national firms have owned up to redundancies. Kate Gibbs speaks to Holding Redlich and Swaab Attorneys to see how they’re travelling ... more

Around The Firms    October 28, 2008  
Money no object when egos go to court

Humble magistrate tears strips off luminous Sydney lawyer … Court warns celebrity solicitor John Atanaskovic that he’s on “thin ice” with intemperate correspondence to his opponents and to Clutz … Time to take a step back

... more
Around The Firms    September 19, 2008  

Freehills dumped as Mark O’Brien and the boys take over The Sydney Morning Herald’s legal machine. The brief – to slash litigation costs and do a bit of cultural re-engineering ... more

Around The Firms    July 28, 2008  
Deacons goes silver, red, yellow and green

Wayne Swan launched Deacons’ gleaming crystal office space in Sydney. Kate Gibbs was also there, mingling with the clients and scoffing scallops and champers. Blackout in the bathrooms leads the way in reducing the size of the firm’s carbon footprint ... more

Around The Firms    June 20, 2008  
Accounting errors

The Keddies overcharging investigation in The Sydney Morning Herald shoots a large hole in the the legal profession’s campaign for more compo for personal injury clients. The revelations are ammunition for those who say that personal injury litigation is often more about the lawyers than the injured ... more

Around The Firms    May 29, 2008  
Post-it pedantics

Should document retention policies extend to the Post-it note and other forms of smoke signals? The forensic experts are being called in to advise on how tiny disposable documents can be factored into data management systems. Kate Gibbs has drum ... more

Around The Firms    May 23, 2008  
Professional ethics or protecting the patch?

Just as things are warming up for insolvency practitioners they conjure a code of practice designed to stay the hand of the Fast Eddie’s of liquidation. Justice Bob Austin complains about “some uncomfortably long liquidations”. Kate Gibbs reports ... more

Around The Firms    May 13, 2008  
Movement at the station

Corrs Chambers Westgarth gains two new partners this week as it bolsters its corporate and litigation work. Kate Gibbs talks to Byron Koster and Simon Crawford ... more

Around The Firms    May 5, 2008  
Oz lawyers reject BlackBerry ban

Australian lawyers share their thoughts about the BlackBerry. One US firm has banned them from meetings because they were more distracting than helpful. Kate Gibbs found a Sydney law firm partner who thinks they’re ruining people’s (sex) lives ... more