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Around The Firms Articles from 2005
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Around The Firms    November 24, 2005  
Another Balls up

“Your Honour at the end of the day what we are dealing with is the delivery of a phone number. Everything else essentially was serendipitous.” Well not quite, Mr Hutley … more

Around The Firms    September 9, 2005  
Allens fires the wrong people

The bitchy email exchange between two members of staff in the Sydney office of Allens shows the speed with which naked exposure can happen on the internet. True to form, Allens’ responded in precisely the wrong way ... more

Around The Firms    August 4, 2005  
Final Round. Boxer and law firm settle

Kostya Tszyu and his former solicitors, Eakin McCaffery Cox, have settled their long running dispute. The firm’s insurers coughed-up $4 million, which makes it one of the biggies in professional negligence settlements ... more