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Victoria Mole Articles from 2010
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Victoria Mole    July 23, 2010  
Of grease and tears and judges

MasterChef and its lawyer cooks … A round or two with Dyson Heydon is excellent training for plating-up to George, Gary and Matt … Leaving the brulée off the crème would be akin to omitting the vitals of a contract … Vicki Mole blogs ... more

Victoria Mole    June 1, 2010  
Ethically numb

Great distress as leaks spring from the Victorian bushfire royal commission … There are good leaks and bad leaks … Vicki Mole wrestles with the daily moral lapses that play havoc with lawyers’ “ethics” ... more

Victoria Mole    April 30, 2010  
Word games

Lawyers can’t write properly … Some can’t talk proper … Now it’s infecting the secretaries … Vicki Mole remembers the Plain English training she got as an articled clerk … It comes in handy ... more

Victoria Mole    March 8, 2010  
Hell hath no fury like a womyn adorned

A coven of overcompensating womyn disturbs Vicki’s life at the Firm … It must be catching … She now senses the smoldering development of her own sociopathic possibilities ... more

Victoria Mole    January 27, 2010  
The chicken, the egg and the vegan

The Firm is a cerebral wasteland … Senior associate turns vegan … “Holistic” response not applicable to food decisions … Were lawyers always this way or did the law make them so? ... Vicki Mole rips ... more