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Victoria Mole Articles from 2009
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Victoria Mole    December 21, 2009  
Going public

Ms Mole goes on secondment from The Firm to The Department, where the absence of time recording makes up for the poor quality stationery … Plus there’s a retro vibe ... more

Victoria Mole    November 3, 2009  
The Denominator

Vicki Mole thinks the Frenchman should spend a few days at the Firm … That would quell his fears of “quarantined” lawyering ... more

Victoria Mole    September 25, 2009  
Melbourne's bar culture

Ms Mole’s seven point plan for barristers … or how to secure a lifetime of kisses and backsheets ... more

Victoria Mole    August 24, 2009  
Lawyers begat other lawyers

It makes sense for lawyers to hang-out with other lawyers … to mate … to breed … As long as you’re not in the same practice group … Vicki Mole explains the logic ... more

Victoria Mole    July 13, 2009  
On porridge, small children and other breakfast foods

You’d think that the next addition to the partnership would be someone who was a glorious blend of perfectionism and hands-off trust … Instead, we got A Pig ... more

Victoria Mole    June 16, 2009  
The performing Mole

A film set … The scene is a meeting room at The Firm … There are three actors in the room … Victoria Mole’s performance is being reviewed ... more

Victoria Mole    May 28, 2009  
Dressing to solicit

The law is not a sartorial hotspot … The message is – you will never be any good as a lawyer unless your clothes blend into a sea of monotones ... more

Victoria Mole    May 6, 2009  
The L word

There are limited social occasions when it is safe to mention that you are a lawyer. Vicki advises to use the L word sparingly, otherwise you’ll look like a “twat” [surely “twit”? Ed.] ... more

Victoria Mole    April 7, 2009  
Take her away, doctor

Vicki is on the cusp of being “admitted”. At that moment things will crystallise. All doubt will become certainty and all ignorance will turn into knowledge. Remember when that happened to you? ... more

Victoria Mole    March 23, 2009  
Fire fighting

Vicki Mole thinks partnerships in Melbourne went quiet on retrenchments during the worst of the bushfire season. Anyway, she’s got an idea on how better to spend the money that is going to lawyers in post-fire finger-pointing ... more

Victoria Mole    February 5, 2009  
There was an articled clerk named Peter Pan

Articles draw to a close and Vicki lurches to being a year one solicitor … Which practice group will have her? ... Is the selection process more akin to the Spice Girls or Big Brother? ... more