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Victoria Mole Articles from 2008
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Victoria Mole    December 24, 2008  
The crunch that ate Christmas

Vicki Mole explains how the Firm gets to grips with the crunch. The soy milk has gone from the tea room, and the yoga classes are cancelled. Now the partners seek to clutch any work that comes their way. Exciting strategies to avoid meagre billing ... more

Victoria Mole    December 3, 2008  
A proprietary interest

Ms Mole is in her final articles rotation … She found her time in Property was a bit like working on the cosmetics floor at Myer ... more

Victoria Mole    November 11, 2008  
Courting glory

Promising advocate Vicki Mole has her first experience of the splendour of advocacy … the triumph of the oral tradition … the power of persuasion. Oh, the thrill of it all ... more

Victoria Mole    October 16, 2008  
The departed

According to Ms Mole, it pays dividends for senior partners to be nice about the Firm’s departing low life. Yet the insensitivity of these Boxster driving corner men never ceases to amaze ... more

Victoria Mole    September 24, 2008  
The devil I know (and sort of love)

Vicki Mole gives The Pinstripe Prison a good old spray. It’s not rigorous enough for her. The best and brightest are not wasted in corporate law – they help people realise their dreams. Anyway, where’s the social utility in much of what passes for journalism? ... more

Victoria Mole    September 16, 2008  
Junior lawyers at large

Managing the law on behalf of partners’ frightful families and feral friends. Vicki Mole explains how the Firm flick passes “mates cases” to the legal toddlers ... more

Victoria Mole    August 21, 2008  
The brave retreat

The Firm’s property group retreats to the Daintree, to drink, bond and do things with a whiteboard. Ideas flow about how to improve the Firm’s retention rate. Vicki Mole attends to the bar fridge in her room ... more

Victoria Mole    August 8, 2008  
Soma lovin', happened so fast

What is blogette Vicki Mole on about? She needs coffee to structure her day, yet she hasn’t mastered the art of drinking with clients at lunch while maintaining afternoon productivity ... more

Victoria Mole    July 21, 2008  
Mental health day

Articled clerk Vicki Mole has to take extraordinary measures to escape the glaring intensity of the Firm. It’s nice being a lawyer, but not for five days a week ... more

Victoria Mole    July 8, 2008  
Partying like it's 08/09

Vicki Mole’s law firm knows how to welcome in the new financial year – with a themed gangster night. How appropriate ... more

Victoria Mole    June 20, 2008  
Open plan - Closed mind

Vicki Mole finds open plan law firm architecture unattractive. It hinders attention to detail, analysis and clarity … but it’s perfect for yapping about Big Brother ... more

Victoria Mole    June 2, 2008  
Bloody billing day

Melbourne law firm blogger Vicki Mole finds billing a mystery. Her adjustments are based on “ethical guesstimates”: Slow when walking in heels … Fast on the multi-tabbed browsing. Yet some things just don’t add up ... more

Victoria Mole    May 16, 2008  
Les Petits Trésors de La Firme

It’s not all misery and despair at Vicki Mole’s firm. There are a few things that make it worthwhile … like the biscuits ... more

Victoria Mole    May 2, 2008  
Get out of jail free

Our Melbourne articled clerk is bone weary with disenchantment. She’s vulnerable and in danger of discovering the “attractions” of law firm incarceration ... more

Victoria Mole    April 16, 2008  
The female of the species

Quite quickly Vicki Mole, our Melbourne law firm blogger, has worked out that the female lawyers at her firm are either flagellators or she-men. You’ve got to have narcissism or aggression to bond with this lot ... more

Victoria Mole    April 2, 2008  
Humans as resources

The abolition of the slave trade was a development that bypassed modern corporate law firms. The “haitch-are” people still see humans as “resources”. Articled clerk Vicki Mole bonds with an HR staffer in the hope that knowledge is power ... more

Victoria Mole    March 19, 2008  
The absurdity begins

Melbourne articled clerk Vicki Mole blogs every fortnight for Justinian, keeping us abreast of her most minute thoughts as she plonks her Jimmy Choos on the up-escalator of a beautiful career ... more