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Leverhulme Articles from 2010
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Leverhulme    August 11, 2010  
Judicial complaints report packed with goodness

London Calling … A nation racked with choice and diversity awareness … Insensitive judicial officers sent to re-education camps … Australian election steadfastly ignored … Evelyn Waugh’s explanation for never voting … Leverhulme files ... more

Leverhulme    July 19, 2010  
Notes from the Paddington end

Mandy furiously promoting The Third Man ... Judge resigns over rent-boy indiscretion … Clegg wants to overturn law that bans animals fornicating with Royal corgis … Punter wins hedging bets case – London Calling ... more

Leverhulme    June 25, 2010  
Avoiding the discovery train wreck

London calling … Disclosing electronic documents … Costs have travelled north in the wake of the Woolf reforms … Less willingness to order discovery … New gardening broom in Birmingham tries to keep the lid on the cost of disclosure … Leverhulme reports ... more

Leverhulme    May 21, 2010  
Magic allure of the Magic Circle

Leverhulme talks to Michael White, a lad from Brisbane who chanced his arm in London … Amid the fantastic challenges of his job he faced a crisis of his own … Despite the rewards, Queensland beckons ... more

Leverhulme    May 5, 2010  
London Calling

Thursday’s election is not about the issues the media insist are important … The real gripe is MPs rorting of expenses … A lot of punishment is to be meted out to those with snouts deepest in the trough … Leverhulme reports ... more

Leverhulme    April 21, 2010  
London Calling

Leverhulme at the British elections … Round one to the Lib-Dem’s Clegg … The next debate will be most uncomfortable … Cracked souls who want to be PM … It was different when Winston ran the country from his bedroom ... more

Leverhulme    March 31, 2010  
London Calling

Leverhulme needs to take up the Treasury’s course on relaxation and de-stressing … Three former Labour ministers busted in lobbying sting – including proud little Aussie Pat Hewitt (Sir Len’s daughter) ... more

Leverhulme    March 15, 2010  
London Calling

Andrew Rawnsley’s book on the end of New Labour has everyone talking … Leverhulme extracts the choicest anecdotes ... more

Leverhulme    February 12, 2010  
London Calling

Who said there was sexual repression in the British Isles? ... From footballers to politicians, they’re at it like stoats … Leverhulme visits Belfast and gets the lowdown on the “Swish Family Robinson” ... more