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Leverhulme Articles from 2008
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Leverhulme    December 17, 2008  
London Calling

Leverhulme’s 2008 law ‘n’ order round-up … British justice at its finest … Landmark decisions … and tragedies … A year to remember … and forget ... more

Leverhulme    November 26, 2008  
London Calling

The bar rises up to support a defenceless Justice Eady after a beastly attack by a reptile – the editor of The Daily Mail ... The beautiful life of the retired senior Law Lord Tom Bingham – ruthless on a mountain, compassionate to asylum seekers … Gloomy Middlesex Guildhall – home to the new Supreme Court ... more

Leverhulme    November 10, 2008  
London Calling

Haughty English commentary about Obama’s victory … A few ancient liberals on the US Supreme Court may think it’s time to shuffle off … LCJ Judge on what the oral advocacy tradition will be like 25 years on … Lord Denning (pic) writes for us on the Sleeping Judge Dodd case ... more

Leverhulme    October 31, 2008  
London Calling

A Health & Safety moment … Demobbed bankers flee to the law … Controversy of the week – nasty BBC prank on a Satanic Slut … Lord Chief Justice Judge wants to get tough with knifers … Lord Chancellor caught in “criminogenic” trap … That certain “whiffy” English male ... more

Leverhulme    October 17, 2008  
Indianapolis Calling

Leverhulme, our London correspondent, finds himself in the US of A, feeling the pulse of the electorate. In the process he discovers the Supreme Court’s view on executing obese criminals ... more

Leverhulme    September 25, 2008  
London Calling

Leverhulme catches up with the Brosnahans at a dinner in Ireland and falls to talking about the rough trot women have had in the law. Sophie Hamilton, senior partner at Mayfair firm Forsters, lights the way ... more

Leverhulme    September 10, 2008  
London Calling

And did the countenance divine shine forth upon our clouded hills? ... Leverhulme, along with Jeremy Clarkson, asks what in the hell has happened to the green and pleasant Albion? ... more

Leverhulme    August 22, 2008  
London Calling

Despite dotty local councils Britain today is a place in the sun – even though it has been raining constantly since June. The Poms are delirious about beating the Aussies at the Olympics. John Coates doesn’t help ... more

Leverhulme    August 4, 2008  
London Calling

Rule of the drunken lads and ladettes … Police dog allergies … Max Mosley’s High Court ruling sends the media into a tizz – democracy imperilled, not to mention circulation ... more

Leverhulme    July 21, 2008  
London Calling

British Psychological Society calls for “witness experts” to sort out wobbly memories … Top UK firms get to grips with the recession with £1 billion plus revenues … Humiliating boss to fork up over breasts and pay jibes … Gordon Brown as the suggestible Heathcliff ... more

Leverhulme    July 8, 2008  
London Calling

Bar incandescent with fury over depiction of barristers in Beeb’s Criminal Justice ... An army of flatfooted “community police” take to the streets … Victory for the gangs as the House of Lords sinks growing trend for courts to allow “anonymous” witnesses ... more

Leverhulme    June 20, 2008  
London Calling

Leverhulme deflates earnest Guardian government job ads … debunks a consultant on “effective networking” ... and deconstructs a course for lawyers on how to ask clients for more work ... more

Leverhulme    June 6, 2008  
London Calling

Leverhulme is beside himself about the crazy onslaught of political correctness. He’s disturbed by developments Down Under and in the Old Dart. And Viscount Norwich bemoans the loss of important freedoms, like drink driving ... more

Leverhulme    May 24, 2008  
London Calling

Howls of indignation as old guard seethes over Cherie Blair QC’s Speaking for Myself. The Brits put on an impressive display of envy and snobbishness to greet the autobiography ... more

Leverhulme    April 25, 2008  
London Calling

Moses the Lawgiver. Leverhulme trawls through the highs and lows of Lord Justice Alan Moses’ career. His must-read judgment this month in the Corner House (BAE) case is a powerful reminder of the importance of a gutsy judiciary ... more

Leverhulme    April 7, 2008  
London Calling

Outrage as European law chokes “inappropriate banter” in British pubs … Matron-in-Chief and deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman excites Willie Hague in her stab vest … The Lawyer lauds increase in women partners but only puts one woman on its awards panel ... more

Leverhulme    March 25, 2008  
London Calling

Libel, prejudice and smear – British reptiles live up to the finest traditions … Dave Cameron looking for more Tory ladies, while a blue bum-bum chap offers a hand to Labour ... more

Leverhulme    March 12, 2008  
London Calling

There is no cure for this disease – the ever spiralling law school fees. Even worse, the plans to cease the helpful open exam book crease… It must be spring, Leverhulme bursts into verse ... more

Leverhulme    February 25, 2008  
London Calling

The duelling diaries of a star silk and a name-dropping socialite businessman … The horrendous Dixie murder case and the unhelpful Aussie coppers … Senior moments ... more

Leverhulme    February 13, 2008  
London Calling

Prison secretly taped lawyer-inmate conversations – Lord Robbo livid … Jonathan Sumption’s Dad dies … Fat Indian law firm heads to London … Cold case review brings out a change of colour ... more

Leverhulme    January 29, 2008  
London Calling

Allegation of murderous conspiracy raised by al-Fayed’s counsel at the Diana Inquest … A good moment to recall Sir Patrick Hastings’ cross-examination technique … Damages for the hurt feelings of lesbian lance bombardier overwhelm those for a legless one ... more

Leverhulme    January 14, 2008  
London Calling

Leverhulme in Ireland asks, who’s cleaning Poland? ... Law Society president opposes self-regulation of the profession … Mrs Tiger Woods awarded a five-star Irish grovel ... more