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Leverhulme Articles from 2007
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Leverhulme    December 17, 2007  
London Calling

After eight weeks of evidence Irish jockey Kieran Fallon is cleared of race fixing in Britain. Michael Hodgman QC from Tasmania could have called the finish much sooner ... more

Leverhulme    December 3, 2007  
London Calling

Leverhulme laments the passing of Lord Bridge of Harwich, who got the Birmingham Six case wrong but Spycatcher right … Another possible miscarriage of justice as Court of Appeal orders a retrial in the Jill Dando murder case ... more

Leverhulme    November 18, 2007  
London Calling

Discrimination actions are booming in Old Blighty. Lots of wrongs need to be righted – such as the headscarf wearing Muslim denied work at a punk hair salon … the bullying Indian at the Crown Prosecution Service … the aroused Scottish bicyclist … and the sexually harassed lesbian lance bombardier ... more

Leverhulme    November 5, 2007  
London Calling

Parliamentary snouts in trough … Shocking moments with litigants in person … Auditor General chalks-up astonishing food and travel bill … Victorious out of touch solicitor wins glory ... more

Leverhulme    October 24, 2007  
London Calling

Health & Safety takes the sparkle out of Christmas … Textbook assassination by Indiana Sneed … David Muffett’s law n’ order regime … Lawyer charged with theft of the Duke of Buccleuch’s da Vinci … Fingers pointed at legal profession as PI claims and fees leap ... more

Leverhulme    October 9, 2007  
London Calling

Nabarro wants to speak to its clients with clarity – it’s the law that should stay murky … Solicitors outraged by accusations of raucousness and rudeness … First barrister in 800 years to go to jail … The Poms love to queue, even if their money is safe in the bank ... more

Leverhulme    September 22, 2007  
London Calling

Special laws designed to kill the agenda of any meeting … Judicial appointments in gridlock as the required qualities for the bench prove elusive ... more

Leverhulme    September 14, 2007  
London Calling

The “OPEC” conference brings to mind how former PM Joe Lyons handled international gab-fests … Lawyer TV ads are sending accident claims sky-high … Barrister who pulled out his “white rose” at a wedding and assaulted the guests found not guilty … England ponging of cigarettes, stale beer and body odour ... more

Leverhulme    August 28, 2007  
London Calling

Respect for killers … Enterprise Starfish … Alastair Campbell – the diaries of a media tart … Aussie lawyers are highly regarded in London – they work hard and don’t apply for partnership ... more

Leverhulme    August 15, 2007  
London Calling

Leverhulme, our new London diarist, makes a splendid splash with his first Justinian column. He reports on being stranded on a desert island with a DLA Piper partner … Whinging pub owner shooting down law reform innovation … Too much information from Her Majesty’s Land Registry … And, salaries at large City firms inflated by fat Americans ... more