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Tulkinghorn Articles from 2010
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Tulkinghorn    July 22, 2010  
Snake oil regulation

Lawyer advertising … Self-regulation keeps the lean and hungry lawyers at bay and controls the snake oil salesmen … Ad hocery galore … Why should the industry trade unions decide what lawyers can spruik? ... Brydens (when winning is everything) takes on the regulators … Tulkinghorn goes to town ... more

Tulkinghorn    June 21, 2010  
Seeing the emperor's new clothes

The study of law is rather like the study of theology … Waffly concepts abound – like “judicial independence” ... Tulkinghorn argues that law schools have about as much place in a modern university as schools of fencing or dancing ... more

Tulkinghorn    May 22, 2010  
Doctors v Lawyers

The tricky business of making doctors liable for their negligence, while exempting lawyers from liability for theirs … With the High Court on side, how can the lawyers lose? ... Tulkinghorn teases the issue … ... more

Tulkinghorn    April 23, 2010  
Judicial spin

Last week Vic CJ Marilyn Warren told a room of journalists that “judges don’t spin” ... Oh yes they do … Some of them not very cleverly … What Marilyn needs is proper spin training from Spiggsie Spigelman … Tulkinghorn investigates ... more

Tulkinghorn    March 26, 2010  
Character evidence

The rule about priors … Legal indulgences … Recycling repeat offenders … Top Brit defence barristers rolling in public dosh … Why the concept of “wrongful acquittals” is frowned upon ... more

Tulkinghorn    February 26, 2010  
Judicial "independence"

A lot of fruity-sounding rhetoric accompanies “judicial independence” ... It’s really a trade union thing … French CJ, Bindi Irwin and The Mensch are among the most trusted Australians ... more

Tulkinghorn    February 1, 2010  
Contingency fees R-Us

Jackson inquiry in UK is the latest in an ageless line of reports into lawyers’ costs … Success fees out … Contingency fees in … What’s worse? ... more