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Tulkinghorn Articles from 2008
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Tulkinghorn    October 17, 2008  
The lawyer as whistleblowing confidant

Law firms offer clients the best available cone of silence. It’s expensive, but the service also blocks out sight and smell. It’s even fireproof ... more

Tulkinghorn    September 10, 2008  
Bugger the presumption of innocence, what about the fees?

When lawyers “follow the fees” where does that lead our legal system? ... Tulkinghorn asks, should privately funded defence lawyers be required to tell victims of crime where the defence legal fees are coming from, and how much they are? ... more

Tulkinghorn    August 15, 2008  
Why the punter should never trust a trust account

Could you lend me your wallet for a while? The trust account is both a sacred cow and a milch cow. Anyone who thinks trust accounts should be trusted probably believes, along with Homer Simpson, that wallet inspectors also exist ... more

Tulkinghorn    July 13, 2008  
The cab rank rule is rank all right

Providing cover for the “dirty” cases … Tulkinghorn teases apart the fiction of one of the bar’s prized ethical flourishes – the “cab rank” rule. Isn’t it about time it was scrapped? ... more

Tulkinghorn    June 16, 2008  
Victoria's civil justice review - same old stuff

Trust Tulkinghorn not to be enthusiastic about Dr Cashman’s review of civil justice in Victoria. The report draws extensively on the UK Woolf “reforms” ... and what good have they produced? ... more

Tulkinghorn    May 16, 2008  
Even lawyers have to eat ... Not necessarily, replied the Cardinal

Canadian jurist urges judges to take control of cases away from lawyers … Maximising business in the criminal courts begs the question, “where do we draw the line on freeing people we know to be guilty”? ... more

Tulkinghorn    April 12, 2008  
Smelly fees ... Pongy ethics

Money from the proceeds of crime sets the criminal defence gravy train rolling ... more

Tulkinghorn    March 12, 2008  
What do lawyers actually do?

“Lawyers and lawyering” is defined to mean whatever you want it to mean. In fact, most of the profession isn’t practising law at all. It doesn’t matter, as long as lawyers have a monopoly on whatever it is they do ... more

Tulkinghorn    February 4, 2008  
How can we rescue the rich if we don't have sentencing discretion?

A Deal or No Deal system of sentencing criminals would be fairer than the present arrangement, where offenders simply pay to get the best deal ... more