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Roger Fitch Esq Articles from 2010
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Roger Fitch Esq    July 23, 2010  
Rough treatment by the courts

“You have a right to a speedy trial – unless they need to torture you first” ... The media’s characterisation of waterboarding – it used to be called torture, now it’s nothing special … Americans stripped of their citizenship by transport safety bureaucrats … Our Man in Washington reports ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    July 8, 2010  
The Fourth of July

Obama administration gets its first Guantánamo conviction … Osama’s cook and bottle washer pleads guilty to “material support” ... David Hicks also pleaded guilty to this concocted “war crime” ... Our Man in Washington reports ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    June 22, 2010  
Material support

The US Supreme Court criminalises the advocacy of non-violent activity … First Amendment backflip … National security trumps free speech … Roger Fitch reports from Washington ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    June 21, 2010  
Supreme Court wonderland

Modifying Miranda ... Torture popping up everywhere … Medicos in the war crime frame … How the government switches the constitution on and off … Ballet dancing detainees could be swapped … Our Man in Washington reports ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    May 28, 2010  
Droning on about targeted killing

Our Man in Washington ... The cynical view is that Elena Kagan suits Prez Obama’s concepts of executive power … Latest thinking from the US Supremes on juvenile and sex offenders … Foreign detainees have no habeas rights … Assassination by drone and the law of war … Roger Fitch reports ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    May 7, 2010  
Our Man in Washington

Terror trial dramas … The Omar Khadr case where the crimes are unknown to the law of war … Manipulating the Military Commission system … New rule that a law of war conviction doesn’t require a law of war violation … Pentagon bans four leading reporters from Guantánamo ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    April 5, 2010  
Our Man in Washington

Watching legislators pass the health “reform” was not a pretty sight … Easter recess appointments … Morality and legality of drone killings … Government going down like 10 pins in habeas cases ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    March 11, 2010  
Our Man in Washington

Prez Obama’s “alternative” national security police is in ruins … John Yoo cocky after getting a clean bill of health from DoJ fixer … Clarence Thomas’ chambers a breeding ground for torture lawyers … Another Cheney chucking muck ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    February 17, 2010  
Our Man in Washington

Talk of Supreme Court reshuffle … Judicial appointments in chaos because of senate obstruction … Obama’s Nixonesque management style … Administration confirms it has authority to assassinate troublemakers at home and abroad … Confusion confounds terror trials ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    January 26, 2010  
Our Man in Washington

Companies transmogrify into people as US Supreme Court strikes down laws limiting corporate funding of politicians … The deadline has come and gone but Guantánamo remains open for business … New evidence on detainee “suicides” ... The laws of war don’t apply to war ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    January 4, 2010  
Our Man in Washington

The Justice Department under Eric Holder is in crisis … Blackwater mercenaries immunised from prosecution for Iraqi shootings … DoJ holds to the Bush terror line … Roger Fitch reports on the latest cases stirring Washington ... more