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Roger Fitch Esq Articles from 2005
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Roger Fitch Esq    December 22, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

The law lords have come out against torture evidence extracted abroad. What’s wrong with those spineless Limies? In Washington the Senate and the Pentagon are busy coming up with exciting new schemes to counter the McCain amendment so that the torture chambers can keep up the great work ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    December 8, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

It’s been a busy time in Washington with the Guantanamo appeals. Lawyers for the detainees are having to argue the cases in the courts all over again, thanks to the govenment simply ignoring court rulings with which they do not agree. There is a pattern of behaviour by Rummy, Vice and others to “marginalise or eliminate the judicial function”. This sounds all too familiar ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    November 29, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

The Senate is voting to do away with appeals by Guantanamo detainees. There could be some constitutional impediments to the legislation but the prospects for David Hicks look worse than ever. In the meantime, the Pentagon is pressing ahead with new charges against more Guantanameros ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    October 21, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

What with Harriet Miers’ confirmation looking increasingly unlikely, Roger Fitch endeavours to explain how it is that a Democrat can transform into a Republican, let alone how a Catholic can become an evangelical. These switches were quite the thing in Texas and, surprise-surprise, it’s all to do with opportunism ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    October 17, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

Even Roger Fitch in Washington is all steamed-up about the new world of “seditious intention” which is part of Little One and Fabbo’s Anti-Terrorism Bill. Quite how the legislation will help catch real terrorists is a mystery. Under these measures critics of the government are the new terrorists ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    October 10, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

There are a variety of cases brought by “enemy combatants” running through the US courts right now. They could be a means for Republican judges to remodel the constitution in favour of absolute executive power. No wonder Bush just loves a continuing state of war ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    September 19, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

It seems likely that vice president Cheney didn’t have to ring Dennis Richardson at the embassy and ask Australia to kick-out little Scotty Parkin. Around these parts Australia will not only do a favour for free, but before Dick even has to ring ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    September 13, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

Much will depend on the new nominee to fill the Sandra Day O’Connor vacancy as the appeals process tries to resolve conflicting lower court opinions about the rights of Guantanamo detainees. Maybe Sandra will sit on until her replacement gets through all the hoops ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    August 30, 2005  
Our Man in Washington

John Roberts faces serious hiccups in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. He failed to disclose that he had been approached by one of the parties in Hamdan’s case – a Guantanamo detainee appeal. This lapse could be good news for David Hicks because it gives Hamdan’s lawyers strong grounds of appeal and a rehearing on the Geneva Convention point. Washington is throbbing ... more