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Polly Peck Articles from 2010
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Polly Peck    June 24, 2010  
Out to lunch

Most of the army of political reporters in Canberra have been asleep … Caught by surprise at the festering about Rudd within the caucus … Most press gallery hacks prefer to lecture their readers and the pollies, rather than shake down hot stories ... more

Polly Peck    May 12, 2010  
Capital Offences

Outpouring of ennui at the return of Turnbull – freshly repackaged man of principle … Why do allegedly “moderate” Liberals sound so extreme? – The case of George (Soapie) Brandis … Quintet tunes-up … Attorney General’s big ticket budget items ... more

Polly Peck    May 5, 2010  
Promises ... promises

Kevin Rudd promised to restore the Racial Discrimination Act in the NT … There’s well placed thinking that the proposed legislation to reform the Howard government’s NT Emergency Response will do nothing of the sort … Slippery drafting … Another slight of hand from Kev? ... Samantha Bowers reports ... more