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Polly Peck Articles from 2009
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Polly Peck    November 17, 2009  
Capital Offences

UPDATE ... Chief Magistrate of ACT resigns as investigation into his alleged misconduct about to gear-up … Suppression of the identity of a public figure facing a criminal charge ... more

Polly Peck    June 23, 2009  
Hefferlump and the judge

Senator Heffernan wants the Commonwealth DPP to get down and dirty about sentencing kiddie fiddlers … More madness from the Land of Senate Estimates ... more

Polly Peck    June 22, 2009  
"I put it to you ..."

How laughable are the Libs? ... The toxic world of Senate Estimates … The Feline’s Friend stumbles as Utegate fails to skittle Wax or Wayne … Then there was Soapie Brandis’ blustering cross-examination of the HRC’s Catherine Branson, which went precisely nowhere ... more

Polly Peck    June 22, 2009  
Libs' "balanced" approach on human rights

Liberals’ uncomfortable straddle on human rights … They are for HR, as long as the Human Rights Commission advocates against a Charter of Rights ... more

Polly Peck    April 1, 2009  
Capital Offences

Reference appeal against ACT CJ’s definition of kiddie porn … Vienna Convention lets diplomatic lad off arson wrap … Parole people get a whack for slow release scheme ... more

Polly Peck    February 27, 2009  
Capital Offences

Senate Estimate revelations … High Court in the red … Soapy Brandis finding fresh scares … Mick Kelpie for the defence … Latest phone tap harvest ... more