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Polly Peck Articles from 2008
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Polly Peck    September 3, 2008  
Capital Offences

Canberra hackette Polly Peck was on hand for the swearing-in of Justice Robert French as the High Court’s new CJ. She was shocked by the lack of a uniform ceremonial policy on wigs ... more

Polly Peck    August 12, 2008  
No, No Nanette

Little Glen stabs mum 57 times, but it’s not murder. Consternation follows the acne prescription killing … Jon White takes the mantle as the ACT’s top prosecutor ... more

Polly Peck    March 11, 2008  
Capital Offences

Government’s legal advice eludes Soapy Brandis … Commissioner Kelpie insists that $7.5 million later Haneef is still under investigation … But, strangely, the top copper goes into bat for Stephen Keim … DFAT runs up legal costs of $346,000 trying to skewer Downer enemy Trent Smith ... more

Polly Peck    February 16, 2008  
Capital Offences

Delegates could scarcely finish their sentences at the big Judicial College sentencing corroboree in Canberra … Plenty of eternal gratitude at recent ACT Supreme Court swearings-in … And a moist eyed send-off for Justice Terry Connolly ... more