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Polly Peck Articles from 2006
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Polly Peck    December 20, 2006  
Capital Offences

Meet Kelvin Thompson – Labor’s new shadow attorney general … Legal aid spending is just Fabulous … Hicks is not in solitary, he’s in “a single occupancy cell” ... more

Polly Peck    November 23, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil Ruddock v David Hicks. The attorney general hops into the Law Council for adopting “fashionable causes” – like Hicks’ case. The AG also asks a corporate lawyers gathering, why can’t these bleeding heart types just help pensioners with their wills? ... more

Polly Peck    October 30, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil Ruddock tangled in Alan “Dunny” Jones’ web … AG should be investigated for (allegedly) leaking ASIO raids … Nifty Neville Wran rallies the Lionel Murphy brigade and urges an Australian Bill of Rights … Lillian jabs the government on the death penalty … AG on sleepiness ... more

Polly Peck    September 16, 2006  
Capital Offences

Polly catches-up with her old friend Sandra Day O’Connor during the former US Supreme Court judge’s stay in Canberra. They had a good chat about brutal little Nino. Also, Henry Burmeister, the government’s chief general counsel, tells Polly a thing or two about the legality of Japanese whaling ... more

Polly Peck    August 24, 2006  
Capital Offences

The attorney general is more worried about the fountain clock at Westfield Hornsby than he is about David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay … Polly Peck tracks another breathtaking week for the attorney general and his shadow ... more

Polly Peck    August 6, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil says you could get 25 years for making “reckless” donations to Hezbollah … Fresh crop for the Federal Magistrates Court … Some nourishing insights into shadow AG Lillian Roxon ... more

Polly Peck    July 25, 2006  
Capital Offences

Whacko-The-Diddle. Fabulous Phil Ruddock is back from his winter tour of south-east Asia. He put on his “lovable Phil” routine for ABC viewers, then it was back to Mr Scary as he birched the ACT territory government for going soft on 16-year old terror suspects ... more

Polly Peck    July 10, 2006  
Capital Offences

We’ve had to endure a Ray “Slaughterhouse” Hadley “interview” with the little PM while Alan Dunny Jones was at Wimbledon. Come back Dunny all is forgiven … And what’s the point of setting up a whole new court if you can’t appoint political hacks with minimal legal experience? ... more

Polly Peck    June 27, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil Ruddock chalks-up the travel expenses … Terry Higgins CJ lets fly on human rights … “Mate for Magistrate” outrage … Pelly from Helly signs on as a government flack man ... more

Polly Peck    June 2, 2006  
Capital Offences

Poor Polly. She was stuck at a meeting of the Samuel Griffith Society where they all went nutso over Harry Gibbs. War stories from Kirbs, Frosty and Jacko ... more

Polly Peck    May 12, 2006  
Capital Offences

There’s lots more loot for spying, counter terrorism, getting family relationships back on track, cartel busting, private law firms and federal courts … plus a few miserable shekels for the legal aid brigade. Follow Polly’s detailed breakdown of the attorney general’s budget allocations ... more

Polly Peck    May 3, 2006  
Capital Offences

Come with Polly as she takes us behind the scenes to peek at what AG Phabulous Phil Ruddock has been up to: securing our food chain, protecting mass gatherings, wheeling out an ID card, enthusing about copyright and keeping our marriages on the straight and narrow. Phabulous Phil, the political polymath ... more

Polly Peck    April 19, 2006  
Capital Offences

Canberra CJ’s ire over Uncle Bob Debus’ contempt … Much song and dance over Family Relationship Centres – which are useless … SCAG goes limp in Darwin … Meet the ACT’s new boy wonder Attorney General ... more

Polly Peck    April 3, 2006  
Capital Offences

Polly Peck picks over some of the morsels from last week’s sitting of federal parliament … Fabulous Phil’s up to his groin in traditional family values … Government rushes through interception legislation and then promises to review it … Lawyers win some concessions in ASIO amendments … Government not spending enough on legal fees ... more

Polly Peck    March 6, 2006  
Capital Offences

The wit of P. Ruddock … Plus the attorney’s busy-beaver sweep through London, Geneva and Turin … Treasurer Smirk wants states to smarten-up on referring corporations’ power … New bankruptcy, family and wire tapping laws … Fresh arrangements for disclosure of government expenditure on lawyers ... more

Polly Peck    February 28, 2006  
Capital Offences

Can Philip Ruddock stop the flow of bright ideas? He’s flat-out launching initiatives to manage emergencies, to keep us safe from terrorism, to clean up what goes on at the cinema and to stamp out family violence. Like his sainted leader, he’s carrying on like an energiser bunny ... more

Polly Peck    February 22, 2006  
Capital Offences

Bullmore’s orgy at the Opera House … Turnbull’s twists and turns on RU486 … Fabulous Phil says you have nothing to fear from his interception amendments (where have we heard that before?) ... Heffernan pushing for a federal judicial commission to investigate “a judge and prostitutes”. Sounds fun ... more

Polly Peck    February 13, 2006  
Capital Offences

Little One, The Vaile of Tears, and Bunter squirming over their wheeties. Dozens in the public service knew of the baksheesh for Saddam but nary a minister. How miraculous is that? ... Fabulous Phil tries to distract attention with updated timetable for treaty to protect the disabled, the ALRC report into uniform evidence and a “prototype document verification service” ... Anyway the government’s justice policies are just pinched from Labor. Polly Peck wraps up the week in Canberra ... more

Polly Peck    February 7, 2006  
Capital offences

Fabulous Phil flat-out with bright initiatives … Flash Brendan Nelson’s frightening rise up the ministerial food chain … Bunter Downer’s amusing shtick on the wheat trade backhanders ... more