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Justinian Archive Articles from 2003
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Court in the Act    December 8, 2003  
High Court Cake

A lovely ruse: Nicely framed, but bogus, letter from High Court architects threatening copyright proceedings over cake modelled on the court’s design. However, what is perfectly genuine is Smiler Gleeson’s moving reply … more

Court in the Act    December 5, 2003  
Cowdery, Ming, Chung

After an eight year squabble the Court of Appeal says DPP Cowdery did not give dud advice to the Attorney General … Victorian appeal court birches County Court judge (now fortunately retired) ... Robert Somosi bobs up in badly pleaded defamation case … more

Barry Lane    November 26, 2003  
The Warren Court - It's Marilyn not Earl

Yarraside’s Warren Court. Despite all of Attorney General Hulls’ huffin’ and puffin’ he didn’t need to cast a wide net. The ideal Chief Justice was right under his nose. Those with elephantine memories also will recall a slight hiccup in young Marilyn Warren’s admission to legal practice … more

Theodora    November 25, 2003  

Madge Marsden’s 13 malignant nodes, all with names … Victoria’s silk vacuum … Freehills in massive brawl over peat … more

Bar Talk    November 19, 2003  
"Nasty piece of work" should hand back the silk gown

Bret Walker hits back at anonymous barrister who belittled the selection process for silk. Bret’s farewell epistle as President of the NSW Bar & Lounge … more

Court in the Act    November 18, 2003  
The technicality that sprung Pauline from the nick

Forget the dishonest intent, see how the lunge for contract law saved Pauline … more

Court in the Act    November 11, 2003  
Hatred, Ridicule & Contempt

“Madge” Marsden rides to the rescue of leader of the Zimbabwe opposition … Brisbane barrister’s imputations burned to a crisp … Gadens’ former senior partner sues The Sun-Herald … more

Court in the Act    November 6, 2003  
Plea to Health Minister Abbott from medical negligence lawyer - Save the lawyers ... not the doctors

Medical negligence lawyer’s plea to Health Minister Abbott to head off marauding medicos’ push for further and better tort reform. Litigation is not out of control … more

Bar Talk    November 5, 2003  
A Silk's Shame

A voice from the inside on the selection of silks – a sham process disgraces the profession … more

Bar Talk    October 17, 2003  
No ticket to ride for Cameron

Double bankrupt Bob Cameron wants his ticket back, but the NSW Bar & Grill plans to have him spanked by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. Now Bob’s off to court to fight the Grill’s “biased” resolutions … more

Court in the Act    October 6, 2003  
Melbourne silk faces costs slug-out from extravagant and flawed litigation

Litigation funder may seek costs contribution from Doug Meagher QC in the wake of “reckless” litigation. Barristers’ insurance premiums under fresh pressure … more

Bar Talk    October 1, 2003  
The continuing story of John and Mary

Latest round in unwinding Gus Cummins’ 1987 wholesale transfer of assets sees a $1.6 million haul for the trustee of the former silk’s bankrupt estate … more

Around The Firms    September 29, 2003  
The struggle to be "different"

Special survey of big eight law firm web sites. Justinian’s Olde Mugge awarded to the firm spewing forth the most gruesome marketing babble. ... more

Judges    September 24, 2003  
Roadmap to better intercourse

What fresh hell is this? An all dancing, all singing judiciary, media savvy and bristling to be interviewed. Hair-curling plans afoot…. ... more

Bar Talk    September 18, 2003  
Clarrie's rotten investments and personality disorder did him in

Depression, denial, fog, pills, mental illness and dud investments all conspired to sink Clarrie Stevens … more

Bar Talk    September 9, 2003  
Tax silk falls on his sword

Glittering tax silk surrenders and consents at the eleventh hour to being struck from the jam roll. Bar Association makes fresh allegations of fiscal impropriety against Clarrie Stevens … more

Theodora    September 8, 2003  

Dyson Heydon on “taste”, being “Australian”, and the “mood” of the nation … Transcript of Lady Di trial reveals her as a tiresome bossy boots … Freehills wanting its client to correct and withdraw … Lodging tax returns is a matter of “integrity” ... Timely tax compliance by NSW barristers climbs from 56 to 97 percent … more

Bar Talk    September 8, 2003  
My husband has nothing to do with me, or my money: Mary Cummins

Bankruptcy trustee trying to claw back John Cummins’ assets from estranged wife. Claim that the transfer to a family trust 16 years ago amounted to fraud … more

Bar Talk    July 16, 2003  
Stevens told to cough up ancient financial records

Latest twist in the Clarrie Stevens’ spellbinder. NSW Bar & Grill wins right to subpoena bankrupt barrister’s financial history stretching back to the happy day of admission, October 1, 1977 … more

Hellfire Club    July 16, 2003  
Discipline and bondage ? Victorian style

Victorian Attorney General on the cusp of announcing the shape of a new disciplinary regime for lawyers, amid confused reports and plenty of “vitriol, venom and toxicity” ... more

Theodora    July 11, 2003  

Hullsey’s lucky night out … Federal Court shuffles … New Age guru guides workplace happiness at Blakes … annoying DPP loses life tenure in NSW … Roddy Meagher’s bulging art treasures … more

City Desk    July 10, 2003  
Hatred, ridicule and contempt

Impugning of lawyers. Defamation cases in which we see distressingly small awards of damages for lawyers who have been subjected to rotten remarks. One uphappy barrister had just about all his imputations tossed in the rubbish bin … more

Barry Lane    June 11, 2003  
Melbourne movements

The juicy jobs of Chief Justice and Solicitor General are up for contention in Yarraville. Of course the talent pool is deep and the speculation wide … more

Theodora    June 5, 2003  

“Smiler” polling just over one percent for GG job … Kirbs keeps his money to himself … more media grumps to NSW Court of Appeal … Federal Court judges go feral over ALJ assault … Hulls tearing at the exquisite finery of the law … High Court travel “splurge” ... more

Critics' Corner    June 4, 2003  
"Rough Justice: Tales from the Bar" A four (three) part documentary series for ABC TV

Rough Justice – Tales from the Bar. Stay in next Tuesday night and watch Howard Insall SC having dinner with the wife and little Insalls. It’s a real treat on Your ABC … more

Court in the Act    May 15, 2003  
The case of the (nearly) severed finger ...

Court in the Act. Horrible lawyer stories: The case of the (nearly) severed finger. ... more

Court in the Act    May 15, 2003  
The luck of the Irish

Court in the Act. Horrible lawyer stories: The case of the feuding partners. ... more

People    May 8, 2003  
Daryl's alarming knitware

We unearth a cheeky lad in a fetching jumper knitted by Mum. There’s a full display of a chilling gang of political plotters … more

Bar Talk    May 2, 2003  
Court of Appeal trounces Clarrie's stay

Adjunct to article “Stevens told to cough up ancient financial records” ... more

City Desk    May 1, 2003  
DPP snookered in Volkers fiasco

Now that the Iraq war is out of the way we can look more intently at the “mistakes” made by the Queensland DPP in dropping the “indecent dealing” charges against swimming coach Scott Volkers … more

City Desk    April 30, 2003  
The Map of Tasmania

Silken art critic floored … restraint of Dr Scutt fades … BYO at The Tasmanian Club … entire family escapes public hanging … more

Court in the Act    April 11, 2003  
Tubby's in the firing line

The High Court is a real wheeze these days. The bon mots are flying thick and fast from those droll wags. Well, there were two in two days … more

Around The Firms    April 10, 2003  
The country firm that charges like a bull...

After a three year investigation the Law Institute of Victoria has laid 300 charges against three country solicitors. Overcharging, not putting WorkCover money through the trust account, the works. $1 million of the booty has been paid back to the dudded clients … more

People    April 8, 2003  
Soviet style cross-dressing for Dice Man

Our newest High Court judge dressed as a Soviet woman in 1963. Did the Dame Enid Lyons’ morals brigade in the PM’s office know of this gender (and ideological) confusion before the appointment was made? ... more

Bar Talk    April 3, 2003  
"You are a conman!" - Stuart Meredith 'Keys' Littlemore's adventures in PNG

It was steamy in the tropics as Stuart “Keys” Littlemore cross-examined a Papua New Guinea MP at a commission of inquiry in Port Moresby. Unfortunately, things got out of hand and there was an awful bit of name calling … more

Court in the Act    March 26, 2003  
Mistakes, bias and plagiarism. Another awful assault on Howard Nathan

Another instance where the nitpickers on the Victorian Court of Appeal are being mean to Howard Nathan. It is said that in one judgment he made 50 mistakes of fact, plucked figures from the air, was biased and plagiarised the plaintiff’s submissions … more

Sir Terence O'Rort    March 24, 2003  
Sunshine rots the brain

Sunshine rots the brain. Queensland’s crime and justice industry has been awash with strife: the strange decision by the DPP to drop proceedings against a friend of the Attorney General; the “Lady” Di Fingleton fiasco; and now the AG is dreaming-up more measures to reform the rotton old Queensland Law Society … more

Darwin    March 19, 2003  
Northern Territory Notebook

Buffalo Bruce files from the Top End: High Court breathes life into the Bradley case … magistrate birched for locking-up a lawyer … subversives disturb parliament and the courts … more

Bar Talk    March 18, 2003  

Adjunct to “Court of Appeal considers the taxing issue of Clarrie Stevens’ practising certificate” ... more

Bar Talk    March 18, 2003  
Court of Appeal considers the taxing issue of Clarrie Stevens' practising certificate

Clarrie Stevens QC tells the NSW Court of Appeal that a 20 year failure to lodge tax returns is “not relevant” to his fitness to practice … more

People    March 13, 2003  
Charlie Abbott's slippery show at the HIH Royal Commission

The transcripts show that Blakes’ boy Charlie Abbott put up a pretty slippery performance at the HIH Royal Commission. Read the evidence and judge for yourself whether his conduct as a voracious biller amounted to a breach of director’s duty. Or was it all frightful bad timing? ... more

Critics' Corner    March 11, 2003  
The Dock Brief

“Poor Player” reviews John Mortimer’s The Dock Brief at The Ensemble. The meagre world of the briefless barrister … more

Judges    March 6, 2003  
Zena the Warrior Princess confirms and denies job with Dice

Unbuttoning the Dice Man. Strange tales from Heydon J’s whacky world … more

Bar Talk    February 26, 2003  
Brett Walker SC, interviewed on ABC 702 Sydney by Sally Loane

Adjunct to “Court of Appeal considers the taxing issue of Clarrie Stevens’ practising certificate” ... more

Critics' Corner    February 21, 2003  
The Missing Masterpiece

Worm reviews Justice Ian Callinan’s third novel, The Missing Masterpiece. Disturbingly, one can glimpse the Tub’s complex soul peeking through the pages of this spellbinder … more

Hellfire Club    February 19, 2003  
Somosi not allowed to forget old sins

Coffee at the Cosmopolitan in Double Bay with the other Hungarians, or an appearance at a client’s sentencing? Robert Somosi chose the former … more

Theodora    February 4, 2003  

Justice Jeff Shaw has a poke at Dice … no arrests yet in Woollahra car scratching case … judge dismayed by Tasmanian Law Society’s disciplinary blunder … latest parliament attack on Bazza O’Keefe J … Philip King’s forgotten tome … more

Bar Talk    January 31, 2003  
The chase for the Cummins' loot...

May 26-28 set for next round in trustees’ struggle to prise loot out of John Cummins’ estranged wife … more

Court in the Act    January 28, 2003  
The basic freedom to fornicate

Vic Court of Appeal incandescent at Justice Nathan’s louche views on huntin’, shootin’, ‘n’ fishin’ ... more

Court in the Act    January 27, 2003  
Vic Bar & Grill caught with LIV in disciplinary snafu. What next?

The Law Institute of Victoria kicks off to a nervy new year, what with the Court of Appeal’s nickpicking finding that disciplinary processes are mired in illegality. The Bar & Grill is also caught in the mess. The High Court and the Bracks’ regime are being asked to fix it … more