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Bar Talk
29 August, 2006  
Seekers of silk

The 2006 applicants for silk in NSW. One hundred and twenty eight seek the nylon gown, of which 63 percent are repeat offenders. Plenty of reading pleasure with the full list

Justinian continues its tradition of service by publishing the 2006 list of applicants for senior counsel in NSW.

imageThis year there are 128 contenders, slightly down on last year’s 135, of which 17 made the final cut (12.5 percent).

About 63 percent of the current list have applied for nylon at least once before.

A staggering nine percent of the 2006 applicants are officially of the female persuasion, down on last year’s 10.4 percent (with only one selected).

The usual responses are required from those with the challenging task of providing input to the Grill’s sifting committee: YES, NO, NOT YET, DON’T KNOW.

Applicants cannot appeal, and they have no way of properly knowing the true basis for their rejection. Compare this primitive nudge-nudge, wink-wink system to the overhauled English system of silk selection, with an independent panel, no secret soundings and a full-blown complaints procedure.

Anyway, here’s the NSW bar’s 2006 list of applicants for SC.

Here’s last year’s list and last year’s successes.


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