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Sir Terence O'Rort
30 November, 2005  
Wine and fashion fest hits QLS

Sir Terence O’Rort hates a drink, that’s why he’s a bit cranky over all this wine sponsorship in the QLS organ, Proctor. Meanwhile, excitement mounts for Friday’s brekkie with Daphnis

Things just keep getting more brilliant in Brisvegas.

Leading by example, the QLS is making a concerted effort to lift the rather shabby appearance and poor wine appreciation skills of the rank and file.

This comes hard on the heels of the good work done by Marty Moynihan in tidying-up the profession’s general standard of language and comportment as he saw off Lord Eldon and Rhino Baker.

We’ve also had significant improvement in the skills of Queensland lawyers as they’ve queued-up to attend the Law Society’s speed reading seminars and Daphnis’ Christmas “year in review”.

imageNow the November edition of the society’s organ Proctor is running what it fetchingly describes as “a fashion spread”, with the “models” carefully selected from among the most stylish and alluring members of the trade, as you can see.

Most of these foxy adornments to the legal caper are snapped in close proximity to glasses and bottles of vino. The Proctor people anticipated that readers might be a tiny bit perplexed:

“Some people have wondered aloud why Proctor would actually feature a fashion spread.”

The answer is one that strikes me as compelling:

“The real reason is simply to reflect the fact that Proctor is a QLS members’ magazine and as such should both inform and entertain those members by keeping its content fresh and interesting…”

After all, the QLS, to borrow a word from Daphnis at last year’s Christmas breakfast, has been “transmogrified” – some think from a moderately successful professional organization to a self-interested, bureaucratic swamp. Other are less generous.

The “fresh and interesting” theme was also picked-up in articles such as, “Why VOYEURS can get away with it” and “Inspirations for a stress-free holiday”.

Asides from fresh and interesting, there may be another factor driving the organ’s interest in style-maven solicitors.

imageWould the full-page colour advertisement for a “boutique” wine tasting evening sponsored by the Boutique Wine Company have anything to do with it?

The BWC generously supplied the bottles of wine used in the “fashion spread”.

The pluggerrama doesn’t stop there. The tasting evening gets another leg-up on page 59 where readers are given an opportunity to “taste exciting wines”.

“Discover some of Australia’s finest southern wines [and] buy boutique wine packages at exclusive prices.”

Is it any coincidence that one of the stress-free holidays recommended by Proctor is a visit to the “NSW wine region” in which “taste-testing winery tours are definitely a highlight”.

Just when you think it can’t get much better, Proctor reminds us of the society’s “Christmas Special” – breakfast on Friday (Dec.2) with Daphnis de Jersey CJ.

Anyone at Daphnis’ bash who is still vaguely compos after the consumption of gallons of bubbles will be struck by the extent of the backslapping, glad-handing and pocket moistening that goes on, all in pursuit of those hard-earned CPD points (1.5).

Daphnis got it right at last year’s brekkie when he opined: “Proctor, by the way, in my view, continues as an instructive, and entertaining storehouse of information.”

I am too terrified to enquire whether this year’s Santa fest at the Hilton is sponsored by the Boutique Wine Company.

Sir Terence O’ Rort reporting