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Bar Talk
28 September, 2005  
Silk cut for 2005

A handful made it through the hoops with enough nods, winks and ticks to be anointed by the Sydney Bar n’ Grill. Another 118 will be disappointed and face the gruesome prospect of an “explanatory” session with Hormones Harrison. Oh, one of the 17 new silks is a woman.

Only 12.5 percent of 2005’s 135 applicants for silk in NSW were successful – a lower pass rate than in recent years. The longest serving (David Cowan) had been at the bar for 28 years, while the most recent member (Dickie Cobden) has been before the mast for less than half that time – 13 years. Most of the fresh nylons are clumped around 20 plus years of service.

Fourteen woman applied (10.4 percent) and only Lucy McCallum was triumphant (being 0.7 percent of the total applicants and 5.9 percent of the successful applicants).

There’s some well deserved successes and plenty of deserving names on the passed-over list.

Justinian still believes the system of appointment needs root and branch reform. The latest rant along these lines can be found in The Sydney Morning Herald.

This year the public announcement of the list fell into a heap. The Sydney Morning Herald had the details up on its web site a good hour before the Bar n’ Grill.

Here they are:

David COWAN 11.03.1977

David Ulric ARNOTT 11.07.1980

Peter George MAIDEN 13.03.1981

Simon Demetrius KALFAS 11.02.1983

Paul Hampden BLACKBURN-HART 09.03.1984

Christopher Mark HARRIS 06.07.1984

Paul Ivan LAKATOS 31.08.1984

Philip David YOUNG 22.12.1984

Lindsay James ELLISON 05.07.1985

Craig James LEGGAT 18.12.1987

David Geoffrey STAEHLI 01.01.1988

Richard James BUTTON 30.06.1989

Thomas Guy Radcliffe PARKER 08.02.1991

Fabian GLEESON 08.02.1991

Philip Mark STRICKLAND 02.08.1991

Lucy McCALLUM 30.08.1991

Richard COBDEN 31.08.1992