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23 October, 2009  
Fresh federal judges

Today the Attorney General Robert McClelland will announce the names of five new Federal Court judges … Here are four of them … Late Extra!

Around lunchtime today (Friday Oct 23) it will be officially announced by the Attorney General Robert McClelland that NSW bar n grill president Anna Katzmann is on her way to the Federal Court.

imageIn Melbourne two new names are set for elevation: Justice Julie Dodds-Stretton from VicAppeals and the hero of the waterfront Mordy Bromberg SC (seen here)

Todays announcement should silence Doc Flint and Kev Lindgren, among others, who have been publicly complaining about their shocking workload due to the crippling shortage of judges.

The judicial selection advisory panel consisted of Black CJ, Gerry Brennan, Jane Matthews and from the AGs department Ian Govey.

Chief Justice Black pretty much got what he wanted.

Well have the official announcement posted on the site as soon as it comes to hand. We hope it coincides with the word of the Rialto.