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Bar Talk
29 September, 2009  
Silk list plumps up

Finessing the gold standard … Three names have been added to an earlier list of NSW senior counsel for 2009 … Fortunately, no scratchings

imageThe original proposed list of NSW silks has been expanded by three – from 15 to 18.

No doubt this is a result of the jockeying and finessing that accompanies the creation of the bar’s “marque of excellence”.

One extra female barrister has been added, public defender Janet Manuell, who joins Dina Yehia also from the public defenders office.

The other two new names are Ian Davidson and Simon Kerr.

Of the 120 applicants, 15 percent were successful, compared to 11 percent last year and 19.3 percent in 2007.

Fortunately no one was removed from the original draft list we published this morning.

We have heard of one contender who was sighted just before 1pm in Phillip Street looking most mournful because the early bulletin brought no joy.

By 1.30pm his rapture was sublime.

Of the total successful applicants 22 percent were women, compared to two out of 14 last year (14 percent) and 1.7 percent the year before.

Have a look at the bar’s official statistics HERE.

The selection committee consisted of Anna Katzmann, Tom Bathurst, Anthony Bannon, Geoffrey Bellew and John Griffiths.

Here are the new SCs by order of seniority:

MANUELL, Janet Susan (new addition to the list)

SHELDON, Robert Stewart


DAVIDSON, Ian Edward (new addition to the list)

MEEK, Michael Kingsley

KERR, Simon Andrew (new addition to the list)

REES, Judith Ann

HOOKE, David James

HABIB, Shereef

BROMWICH, Robert James

LOCKHART, James Robert John

LLOYD, David John

DICK, Robert Andrew

WELLS, Laura Kathleen

BRERETON, Peter John

LANCASTER, Richard Paul Llewellyn



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