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Bar Talk
29 September, 2009  
Preliminary silks

The fur is flying because a list of NSW silks emerged last night … Apparently, it is not the final list … We’ll know for sure this afternoon

imageThis is a draft list of the 2009 silks for NSW.

It was circulated last night (Monday Sept. 28) after being posted as an “offline” document on the “In Brief” section of the NSW bar website.

Coincidentally, at the moment it was posted someone was Googling for “NSW silks 2009” and up popped this list.

Some names may not appear on the final list to be announced at 1.30pm today and others may be added.

The reason for publishing it at this point is to demonstrate the extent to which last minute discretions and arbitrariness are part of the selection process.

Far from a system which produces a definitive crop of the finest, the process involves snipping and tweaking with names popping in and out for reasons that are not entirely apparent or understood.

It shows that yesterday someone was deemed worthy of being silked, but today they may not be.

Anyway, here is a list of silks that emerged after a recent meeting of the NSW bar’s selection panel.

We’ll have the revised list as soon as possible.

By order of seniority:

SHELDON, Robert Stewart


MEEK, Michael Kingsley

REES, Judith Ann

HOOKE, David James

HABIB, Shereef

BROMWICH, Robert James

LOCKHART, James Robert John

LLOYD, David John

DICK, Robert Andrew

WELLS, Laura Kathleen

BRERETON, Peter John

LANCASTER, Richard Paul Llewellyn



See Justinian’s report on the list of 2009 applicants