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25 June, 2009  
Godless Wrech

Turnbull – professional bully, leaker and steamroller – seems to have got himself into a frightful pickle … Naturally, we are overcome with grief … The Godless Wrech affair … Scramble to cover-up … The last shoe to fall

imageGodwin Grech looked like a distressed weasel when he appeared at the Senate estimates hearing last Friday (June 19).

There was no eye contact as he mumbled that he may be mistaken about receiving the John Grant-OzCar email from Wax’s office – the email he allegedly doctored and then sent to himself.

He looked mighty shifty, which only heightened suspicion about the document when the text of it appeared next day in The Smellograph and other Daily Ruperts.

“Hi Godwin, the PM has asked if the car dealer financing vehicle is available to assist a Queensland dealership, John Grant Motors, who seems to be having trouble getting finance. If you can follow up on this asap that would be very useful. Happy to discuss. A [Andrew Charlton].”

But why fake it?

This is Justinian’s reasoned conjecture.

imageWrech was a bit like the hapless ComCar driver, Wayne Patterson, who came into the orbit of that old obsessive, Senator (Wild) Bill Heffernan (seen here).

Wayne let it slip to Heffernan that he’d driven Justice Michael Kirby and the poor sod was hectored and bullied to such a degree that he had to come up with something, anything, to implicate Michael Kirby in a rent boys fest.

The documents that Hefferlump used in the Senate in an attempt to slay Kirby had been “mocked up” by Patterson.

At one stage Patterson indicated that he had told Heffernan before he made his Senate speech that the documents were not authentic.

So here, little Godless, a Lib sympathiser and leaker, is having the heat put on him by an Opposition anxious for ammo.

The blatts are reporting that he “may” have been responsible for other drips to the Opposition: an email from the Governor of the Reserve Bank to the Secretary of the Treasury expressing concerns about the government’s bank guarantee and information that Marn Ferguson and other ministers had advised against the desirability of the FuelWatch scheme.

imageThere were even reports that suggested Godless was leaking Treasury juice to the Howard government – an indication of his dedication to the cause.

The Libs had him by the short and curlies and with a desperado like the Pussies’ Pal in charge of the tribe, the heat would have been on for the Treasury mole to come up with the goods, even if they weren’t there.

Godless is Wayne Patterson – mark two.

The whole Utegate thing really didn’t matter much and was basically an uninteresting and pointless political sideshow.

Certainly no one now cares about whatever it is that Wayne Swan is supposed to have done or not done.

What is fascinating is watching the Liberals under the clenched teeth “leadership” of the mad Moggies’ Mate career into the ditch.

In the last couple of days and hours it appears that the following assertions by the Liberals have unravelled:

* Turnbull said:

“I tell you categorically that nobody in the Opposition provided the text of that email to Mr Lewis [News Ltd reptile].”

* Turnbull claimed that the Liberals were not aware of the email until Uncle Otto Abetz raised it in the Senate on Friday (June 19).

* Abetz said he got the material from “a journalist”.

imageSince those claims were made this is what has transpired.

Abetz (pic) and Turnbull saw Godless’ email before the Senate hearing on Friday (June 19).

They made notes of the fudged document. The email itself was not read to the Senate hearing. The text of it only appeared next day in the News Ltd tissues.

This information turns Abetz’s claim that he got the document from a journalist into custard.

The fact that Turnbull and Abetz have now clammed-up about meeting Crech is damning.

Every question asked to an Opposition front bencher cannot be answered honestly without taking on more water.

This is why it is so fun to watch.

As to the claim that the leak of the text of the email didn’t come from the Opposition, just consider this…

Steve Lewis, the News Ltd reptile with the drum, ran a story in last Friday’s Tele (June 19) flagging there was a document that was going to cause terrible damage to the Rudd government.

This is what Turnbull had referred to as “documentary evidence” when he shirtfronted Rudd’s man, Andrew Charlton, at the press gallery knees-up on June 17.

The next day (Saturday, June 20) Lewis produced the text of the email in various News Ltd organs across the nation.

It looks like a journo on the two-step drip. Warm-up story, followed by “killer” story.

Godless was as nervous as a kitten facing strangulation about his role in the Senate panto hatched for him by those two uglies, Turnbull and Abetz. The last thing he wanted was to fan his forgery in the media.

Thursday’s Australian (June 25) had a story that said:

“The beseiged Liberal leader tried to persuade the Treasury official at the centre of the forged email affair to release its contents, which allege Kevin Rudd had acted improperly.”

imageIt was in Turnbull’s interests to get the dirty story out to the media, not Grech’s.

So who do you think leaked this stuff? The nervy public servant who was in over his head or the ruthless polly, who was a seasoned leaker in the cause of self-interest, including in an earlier life leaking confidential notes about Kerry Packer’s real intentions with the takeover of the Fairfax media group?

Three guesses.

Another of my fearless predictions is that the next shoe to drop from this octopus will strongly indicate that Turnbull and the Libs knew before they used it in the Senate that the email was dodgy.

Maybe Mr Grech will assist the Auditor General or the coppers with that information. No wonder the poor man’s in hospital.


Reader Comments

Posted by: Malthouse Chambers
Date: June 25, 2009, 11:00 pm

Great analysis Ed you would make a good lawyer!
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: June 26, 2009, 5:10 am

The Liberals sure can pick 'em - did anyone see Australian Story the other night about the murder of Doris Owens, by her own son - a former Joe Hockey staffer. The Liberal Party should engage the services of a forensic psychiatrist.