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4 June, 2009  
Goings On ...

Law Society’s birthday boy … Renovations in the Street of Broken Dreams … Solicitor General’s dark ale … Fast and furious judgment from on High … Silk selection in Tassie

imageJoe Catanzariti’s 50th birthday is upon us.

The prez of the Law n’ Order Society is turning on a glittering soirée tonight (June 4).

The wording on the invitation could not have been more finely crafted:

“In order to celebrate my 50th Birthday [note, cap B], I have chosen to host a Cocktail Party [cap C, cap P] that acknowledges the multitude of friends, family and colleagues who have contributed and helped me achieve the many successes in my personal and professional life.

It would be a great honour if you could join me in celebrating this important milestone at a privately funded event which will be held at the Law Society of NSW …

As part of my role as President of the Law Society of NSW I have chosen to recognise and support the work of the AIDS Council of NSW. In lieu of gifts, I ask that donations be made to this charity, whose representatives will be in attendance on the evening…


My invitation must have been lost in the mail.

* * *

imageThe Law Society Building in the Street of Broken Dreams is looking woefully scrappy now that the exciting grey facardism of Wentworth and Selborne is just about there.

Also the swaying palms installed by Clover and Co, bringing a weird tropical tone to this grimy alleyway, demand some sort of design response by the Law Soc.

Rising to the occasion the LS council has decided to splash $18 million on renovating its Phillip Street pile.

Fire safety is the official reason, but don’t be shocked if facilities and comforts for members, councillors and staff are fluffed-up in the process.

The money will come out of the society’s reserves, which will be drawn down over the next three years.

It means staff will have to rotate around the building like Bedouins as construction progresses.

* * *

From Taswegia, as ever, the volume of important news stories is in inverse proportion to the size of the jurisdiction.

The major item to be announced is that Leigh Sealy SC has brewed a vast quantity of “Solicitor General’s Own – Deacon’s Digit Dark Ale”.

imageIt will be at its peak by mid-July, but by then there may not be any left.

He’s told quaffers that they will have to get to Tasmania to taste the brew as it does not travel well owing to yeast sediment.

Already, he is fine tuning the formula for the next drop which will be bottled under the label “The Pope’s Toe – Strong Hobart Ale”.

Each bottle bears the family crest with the Sealy motto “Quality product”.

It’s high time other sols-general rolled up their sleeves and did something useful in the bathtub.

Get brewing Gageler and Sexton.

* * *

Is this some sort of record?

The High Court sliced and diced Justice Pierre Slicer’s permanent stay decision in Queen v Edwards in a snappy 35 paragraphs.

Kenny Boy, Dyce, and the three Highettes were absolutely unanimous.

It was all about a couple of Qantas pilots allegedly taking off in the dark from Launceston aerodrome in October 2001.

Things dragged on. CASA investigated the incident and in April 2002 referred the matter to the Commonwealth DPP. Two years after that complaints against the pilots were sworn. The trial did not get underway till November 2006. A year later the defendants made a permanent stay application to Slice.

The High unkindly said that in granting the application the Tasmanian judge applied the wrong principle and took into account irrelevant issues.

Slice thought the test was whether a continuation of the trial could constitute an unacceptable injustice or unfairness.

The High said could should have been would.

In/Out. Thirty-five pars, 10 pages.

* * *

imageBravo, well-done and a big elephant stamp to Michael O’Farrell (snap) who caught the selectors’ eye and picked-up Tasmania’s 2009 silken robe.

A.J. Abbott definitely deserved to be anointed, but I’m told he didn’t apply.

Good thing too, what with all those lefties in charge.

The Tasmanian bar still has under active consideration Abo’s proposed Recognised Specialist Counsel protocol.

See Theodora passim

It’s about time they pulled their finger out and implemented this scheme, which is designed to stop dummies taking silk.

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