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Junior Junior - baby barrister blogger
2 December, 2008  
Dear Santa

At the bar one simply has to believe. Junior Junior was going to ask Santa for a special prezzie this year – but decided it might get too complicated. Instead, she’s opted for something the elves will find much more manageable

imageThe silks have been announced, the Melbourne Cup and been run and won and invitations to Christmas parties are flooding in.

It’s time to contemplatively look rearwards and ask – have I been good?

Being a junior barrister is an age defying state of regressive bliss lasting five years. My faith in the Easter Bunny, Good Fairy and Santa have all been rekindled.

At the bar one has to believe!

I’ve been wondering how Santa will know that I’m a junior barrister, which is something that will affect the prezzies I get.

I was thinking of writing a letter to Mr Claus in the form of an advice?

That is, until I discovered that years ago, on the Gold Coast, no less, Senator Helen Coonan told a conference of insurance people that doing away with Santa was on the agenda.

The ABC reported this development as “Santa Claus judges blamed for public liability insurance crisis”.

Nothing could be further from the truth, particularly if the pronouncement came from a Howard era minister.

Clearly Santa is a visionary and he is onto pollies trying to outlaw him.

Why, only this year, Santa implemented a New North Pole Online Conflict Resolution Program.

It was his way of dealing with problems arising from too much lead in kiddies’ toys manufactured in China.

But rendering advices or suing Santa is the last thing I want to do, because my wish list is far too important.

If this seems stranger than a palm tree in Phillip Street, it is also rather complicated.

It’s my old chestnut … chambers.

Car boots, floating, door-tenancies, chutzpah and opportunism have run their race.

It’s clear that barristers have taken seriously the instruction not to advertise.

The NSW bar website posts a listing of chambers available for sale or licence.

A picture of the room would be nice. It can be difficult to visualise what 1.5m2 looks like.

Some rooms are described as suiting a “senior junior”. What does that mean?

Perhaps it has a window? Does this suggest I might be over-reaching myself to hope for a window?

I’ve come to realise that Santa is probably far too busy to be wandering around the legal precinct of Sydney, checking out chambers for me.

Even if he delegated the job to the elves they would be flat out making background enquires about the vagaries of how barristers accommodate themselves.

I need to make this much more manageable – maybe its best to drop the idea of a room of my own.

Dear Santa,

This year I’ve been good and I would like to ask you for:

A laptop;

A wireless modem;

A connector thingymyjig to plug my laptop into a car cigarette lighter.


Junior Junior


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