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17 November, 2008  
Liati and The Mensch - latest

It seems The Mensch has had a secret life as a book reviewer of literary gems. While Einfeld has pleaded guilty, his “alibi” Angela Liati battles on, alone and unrepresented

imageToday (Monday, Nov. 17) was to have seen the start of Angela Liati’s trial on one charge of perverting the course of justice.

As soon as Marcus Richard (The Mensch) Einfeld pleaded guilty on October 31 the prosecution in the Liati case applied to Judge Michael Finnane in the Dizzo to bring her trial on quick smart.

However, it’s not in the lists for today because the date was double booked.

The trial will go ahead on February 2, 2009 and Liati will be representing herself. There’ll be a mention on November 28.

In 2006 the Greek siren sought to provide an alibi for The Mensch by claiming she and a woman called “Theahresa Brennan”, whom she had met at a meditation class, were the only two people in Einfeld’s silver Lexus when it was clocked by a speed camera in Mosman.

In September Liati told the District Court that she now remembers that she had the wrong day.

She insisted that the trip to Mosman with the mystery Theahresa happened in the car, but “I now know I simply had the wrong day”.

She sacked her legal team and Judge Finnane then set the trial down for Feb. 2, 2009 so that it would not run up against Einfeld’s hearing, which was supposed to start this month in the Supreme Court before Justice Bruce James.

The Mensch pleaded guilty to two charges: making a false statement on oath to the Local Court on August 7, 2006 (perjury) and making a false statement on or about August 23, 2006 with intent to pervert the course of justice.

Ian Barker negotiated a very favourable deal for Einfeld.

Originally he faced 14 charges. See crown opening at committal.

One was knocked out at committal (obstructing police) and Barker tried to have another nine thrown out at that stage, all relating to making false statements to the Infringement Processing Bureau.

Those were the ones that the Court of Criminal Appeal downed in October.

imageOf the four remaining charges, three related to perjury at the Local Court hearing on August 7, 2006 and one was for perverting the court of justice.

The three perjury charges were rolled into one. The offences that did not concern the original “Theresa Brennan” alibi were dropped. They were the Professor Levick alibi and the Dr Tim Oliver alibi.

The crown had gone to a lot of trouble to build a very strong case and in view of that the negotiated deal was too good for Einfeld to reject.

He still has the prostrate cancer card to play at his sentencing.

Quite apart from the personal upheaval, other aspects of his existence are changing, including the sale of the splendid house in Edgecliff Road, Woollahra.

A lot of lives have been scarred by this dreadful affair. Following the midnight bin raid and the emergence of various drafts of earlier prepared statements, Michael Ryan, The Mensch’s original solicitor, has become depressed and doesn’t leave his home. Vivian Schenker, the judge’s former lover, has been dragged into the spotlight in an emotionally compromised way. Other friends have been embarrassed and appalled by approaches to provide (false) alibis.

The Einfeld name has been besmirched and Syd would be turning in his grave.

Meanwhile, the great humanitarian has been doing what he can to repair relations at home.

Kathryn Eisman, the daughter of his girlfriend Sylvia Eisman, has had some notable literary works published.

Her latest is How to Tell a Woman by her Handbag.

It follows up her first triumph, How to Tell a Man by his Shoes, now available from Amazon for an attractive 65 cents.

Amazon also published a couple of flattering reviews on this important volume, including one by “30003 of Woollahra” and another by “Baron E Marcus Richard 11 of Bondi”.

Baron E Marcus Richard writes in a racy, if somewhat dirty-old-man, style:

“Until now we boys had all types of shields from exposure – underpants, condoms, hats, balaclavas, suncreams and so on. But girls knew about these things so we did not get away with much. Nothing like they get away with with makeup, lift up and hold apart bras (or no bras at all), no nickers (or no nickers nickers), thongs (or no thongs) etc!! ...

Although beautifully written, and powerfully illustrated, with tongue firmly planted in cheek (the facial one), this book has actually exposed us [men] in the raw.”

Liati’s trial, if that proceeds, will produce fresh distractions.

One unanswered question that fascinates: who urged her to come forward with her Mosman shopping story?

The solitary crusader, and former professional toe-nail clipper, who was “trying to help someone facing the ridicule and the scrutiny of the press”, in the end brought a lot of strife down upon herself.

All his life Einfeld has been an absurd, selfish, preposterous, posturing, pompous ass. He’s now fallen so far that you can’t help feeling pity for the wretched galoot.


Reader Comments

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: November 17, 2008, 6:50 pm

.....also worthy of mention is that this has had a disastrous impact on his family.....