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Junior Junior - baby barrister blogger
23 October, 2008  
The barking dog

Junior Junior, our baby barrister blogger, struggles to find a way out of depression – psychomotor retardation, to be exact. Fiddling around with add-ons for the computer sort of helped … BarCare’s advice didn’t

imageFinally the Pancuronium haze has lifted.

Not much work has occurred in the last two months but my computer has every add-on, extension, and do-dad working.

I know what harvesters, spiders and crawlers are and have only crashed the super-computer with its lightening fast speed twice.

My “favourites” have exploded to 1,121 entries and all are categorised accordingly in folders and sub-folders.

I have enough Power Point templates to last several life-times; numerous RSS feeds whiz in along with Federal and State legislative updates, Google alerts and the latest from the National Centre for Biotechnology Information.

Articles, if worthy, have been downloaded and read with highlighted annotations – probably three reams worth.

Files have all their pages punched and, while they may have arrived looking like a dog’s breakfast, are now in chronological order, with accompanying correspondence.

The VOiP phone has had frequently called numbers entered into its memory and my mobile has a Cold Play ringtone at cost to the establishment.

So what has been going on, one might ask?

Activity of a sort? Purposeful? Not particularly. Space filling? Yes, but not due to lack of purposeful things requiring my attention.

On a few panicky occasions deadlines impinged and adrenaline kicked in to create momentum, for a while. The introspective critic was kept busy though, being fed a constant diet of diatribe.

Commencing this blog in the past tense was a conscious choice. Who has been taken in by the strategy? This is bizarre, it is evident to me, and those who know me, that I have been significantly depressed.

Psychomotor retardation – there, it’s in text.

That’s when you really slow down, literally. To write this anonymous blog causes me great unease combined with a sense of ethical legitimacy.

I have been aware of the information on the NSW Bar Association website and the encouragement to self-report or report a colleague.

The words are ludicrous and impossible. We all know that barristers, maybe more than most other professional outfits, are supposed to be indestructible and bullet-proof.

To appear otherwise screams vulnerability, which is detected by one’s adversary in court, instructing solicitors and clients.

The NSW bar recommends every barrister take steps to reduce risk and potentially prevent depression. They are:

  • Learn to say no to the one brief too many.
  • Get eight hours sleep.
  • Make time for yourself as well as your family.
  • Schedule exercise as part of your routine. Walk as much as possible.
  • Limit alcohol.

    Who can honestly tick off all of those?


Reader Comments

Posted by: Anonymous
Date: October 23, 2008, 3:23 am

Poor you, I know the feeling.
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: October 23, 2008, 7:55 pm

As I sit here late at night, 6 fingers of scotch by my side, trying to catch up on the 10 briefs too many, I simply cannot recall getting 8 hours sleep!! My family are asleep when I leave each morning and back asleep by the time I return 16 hours later. Exercise - what is that? I console myself that I can honestly tick off 1 on the list - I do, indeed, limit myself to 1 bottle of scotch per day.
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: October 26, 2008, 10:16 pm

You've only got urself to blame - its no-one else fault that you take on too much work to you and your families detriment
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: October 28, 2008, 9:01 pm

Don't get too self righteous Anonymous Oct 27. I note you are posting a comment on a legal website at 2.16am!!!!!!