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Victoria Mole
8 July, 2008  
Partying like it's 08/09

Vicki Mole’s law firm knows how to welcome in the new financial year – with a themed gangster night. How appropriate

imageLast night was the Firm’s End of Financial Year Party.

The theme was Underbelly. For the male lawyers, this meant suits with a last minute donning of dark glasses or, for the daring, a gold chain.

For the women, the same but with extra lashings of cleavage and thigh à la Zarah or bling like Mokbel’s hairdresser.

The seasonal clerks were smaller versions of the above, yet amplified in intensity in a last-minute attempt to let their panache and perkiness compensate for their poor punctuation come the time of articles offers.

A few of the crazies from the print room came as Carls and Robertas, not fully appreciating that the goal of these themed affairs is not accurate replication for its own sake.

Far from it. For the women at least, it is about sexing-up the applicable theme so the waving of coquettish whiskers/ feathers/ thighs becomes a commitment to the spirit of the Firm and its ideas, rather than a blatant attempt to get the attention of those who decide the pay reviews.

For the men, it’s either a token gesture (handcuffs, dark glasses …) or the biggest and boldest interpretation possible of the relevant alpha male of the chosen theme (mafia don, king of the jungle …).

This was all hastily explained to me by Ned on the eve of the party as I paraded around our flat in pyjamas and animal slippers, all mucousy and woeful, like the copper’s girlfriend in the first episode.

Great impersonation, well done you, but not the point of corporate office parties. A police hat and a bit of lippy. Good girl.

It was a fun night – the Firm doesn’t skimp when it comes to entertaining. Not too many blank spots (oh Vicki, how you’ve matured!). I think it went a little something like this:

Downed some imported beers with the Construction girls …

Complimented the ingenious costumes of a few partners who have interesting clients and not-too-dull work …

Raised my glass excitedly at the idea of repeated double-figure growth …

Helped my secretary off the dance floor when she blamed it on the boogie a bit too earnestly (which should win me a few days reprieve from her usual antipathy) ...

Smoked a cigarette or three with the scrumptious P & E lawyer who laughed at my snuffly “please officer, I just need some cough medicine” impression and told me I should have gone for it. A kindred spirit? It can’t be …

Tweaked my back voguing with Jai, my best mate from the AC year, and heard exactly why his inch-long hair does require four distinct products and a daily go-over with the straightening iron …

Then toddled out, cabcharge in hand, wished the bouncer good tidings and a happy new financial year and was off into the night.

Here’s to another merry one,



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