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Bar Talk
12 September, 2007  
NSW silk applicants

The annual ritual is underway. Bright-eyed hopefuls have their hands up, along with a clutch of tired old paws waving apprehensively for attention. The number of female applicants for silk has dropped

imageThis year we see 119 applicants (last year 128 and the year before 135) for silk in NSW.

Last year 17 applicants made the cut (13 percent).

An incredible 8.4 percent of the 2007 list are women – 10 in all (last year it was nine percent and the year before 10.4 percent).

The Bar N’ Grill is keen to redress the gender “problem” and so it is confidently predicted that this year Margaret Cunneen will take silk and so too might Chrissa Loukas. Both have put in time on the bar council and made other contributions.

Among the chaps the favourites include James Renwick, David Pritchard and Francois Kunc.

That is not to say there aren’t plenty of other deserving bidders, some of whom are well overdue for a pay rise.

Those who manage to muster enough nods, winks and secret handshakes will be announced “soon”.

Here’s 2007’s list of NSW candidates for senior counsel.

You can also check the 2006 and 2005 lists of contenders

And here’s last year’s list of winners.